2011 company

by forestcollective

Forest Collective Organisation
General goals and aims of the Collective

Presentation of high quality art in various forms, with an emphasis on collaboration and interdisciplinary arts practice with a strong emphasis on variation, expression and freedom

To cover a wide variety of style in all presented material

To maintain a focus on forwarding artistic creativity while still having a strong link to the past

To create well crafted work that doesn’t offend or discriminate any group

To introduce art to a wider audience

To introduce traditional art concepts to a young audience

Members of the Board
Artistic Director Evan Lawson
Artistic Administrator Justina Lui

Artistic Committee
Visual Art Manager Fiona Lawson
Film Co-ordinator Kim Summer
Fashion/Costume Co-ordinator Jack Hancock
Theatre Co-ordinator Joel West

Administrative Committee
Funding Co-ordinator Isabelle Schroeder
Finance and Education Co-ordinator May Andrewartha
PR and Communications Co-ordinator Danielle Asciak
Publicity Assistant Tim Jones
Marketing and Youth Arts Cailin Howarth

Founding Members
Evan Lawson, Isabel Hede, Megan Clune, Lucy Waldron and Audrey Alcala
International Artist in Residence
Stephanie Osztriecher

2011 Company
Audrey Alcala Drawing/installation
May Andrewartha Composition
Danielle Asciak Writer/director
Lottie Betts-Dean Soprano
Sarah Coghlan Violin
Jess Fotinos Harp/percussion
Jack Hancock Costume/fashion
Isabel Hede Violin
Jack Hooper-Bell Painting
Cailin Howarth Soprano
Jessica King Photography
Tamara Kohler Flute/piccolo
Evan Lawson Conductor/multi-instrumentalist
Fiona Lawson Drawing/printmaking/installation
Justina Lui Violin/viola
Vilan Mai Clarinets
Casey Mayne Drawing/printmaking
Bridget Mckey Actor/director
Tom Muratore Multi-instrumentalist
Occasional String Quartet Guest ensemble
Holly Sharpe Soprano
Louis Sharpe Percussion
Kim Summer Multi-instrumentalist/film
Tanya Vincent Flute/piccolo
Joel West Writer/director