2011 direction

by forestcollective

In a time where all dreams and mystery are explained, where people of the industry responsible for ideals, challenges and most importantly creation of dreams are faced with an audience corrupt with a knowledge of how its done. Things unknown, unconnected and unfamiliar are deemed wrong or inappropriate for consumption. Every film has a making of or trailer, every play a tastefully constructed paragraph explaining an entire evenings entertainment and every concert programmed with familiar, known and dead composers not native to this country.

Why? Why not give a collages, eclectic look on life and its story? Why is a term, story or character unfamiliar so wrong? Why does it have to be a piece we know; a character’s words one that is known and analysed to death; a line the follows suit to its expected aesthetic conclusion. Almost as if the creators weren’t even their at all, and the audience has purged their collective thought to determine their own experience – while still paying for a ticket.

This I challenge creators and consumers to feed on something fresh. View the old in a way to highlight its richness, not placing it in a museum ready for consumption when you want it. Let yourself be fed by the crafts people who spend their life shaping old dreams, new concepts and ancient forms, into fresh new experiences – let yourself go.
It’s not so hard. You never know what it could muster.

”The culture industry perpetually cheats its consumers of what it perpetually promises”
– Theodore Adorno and Max Horjkeimer.

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Evan Lawson
Artistic Director