2nd performance in the 2011 concert series

by forestcollective

The second performance in Forest Collective’s 2011 Concert Series.

“Spring” Sonata No. 5 for Violin and Piano – Lugwig Van Beethoven
Orchestration – Tom Muratore, May Andrewartha & Evan Lawson
Violin – Isabel Hede
Conductor – Evan Lawson

Aia – Johanna Sellick (World Premier)

Sonata for Solo Harp – Peggy Glanville-Hicks
Harp – Jess Fotinos

Creature: Flight – May Andrewartha (World Premier)

Early Music section
Director – Cailin Howarth & Lottie Betts-Dean

The Fate of Ariadne – Improvised opera devised by Forest Collective
Theseus – Evan Lawson
Dionysus – Lottie Betts-Dean
Ariadne – Stefanie Dingnis

DJ – Kim Summer
Violin/Percussion – Troy Ramaekers

Director and Design – Scarlett Perri Heinnen
Assistant Director – Bridget Mackey

Centered around the mystical story of Ariadne, this concert of new and experimental chamber music brings together various elements to form an evening of diverse and varied sounds, ranging from a new take on Beethoven’s ”Spring” Violin Sonata, a slice of baroque music, through to newly commissioned works from two of Melbourne’s women composers; Johanna Selleck and May Andrewatha, paired with the grand old lady of Australian Music – Peggy Glanville-Hicks, which all explore and shape our knowledge and experience of famous myths and traditions.