Formed in early 2009 as a collective of artists aimed at facilitating various inter-disciplinary performances and collaboration (whether that be for 2 musicians; musician and artist; actor and DJ; composer, audience, dancer etc) the collective develops a dialogue of creation across and between disparate disciplines aimed at freedom and expression.

Style and ability of performance ranges from common practice through to improvised music, contemporary art music, early music, collaborative fields and theatre, all of which contribute to a varied and dynamic programme.

Forest Collective has been a part of Guildford Lane Gallery’s Wednesday Project, developed new theatre for the Western Edge Explosion Project Phoenix Youth Centre, under the mentorship of Yvonne Virsik, has performed on 3MBS 103.5FM Summer Score and Live at the Convent series, presented a concert series in 2009 including performances for; the Faculty of the VCA and Music and, highlighting climate change as a part of their international festival, presented a full event series in 2010, produced a Orchestral Project in 2010 and was involved in a series of performances for the Melbourne Fringe Festival.

Members come together to create, explore and acknowledge the visions, thoughts and memories that fill our minds during every waking moment. It is both amazing in its unpredictability and electrifying in its many possibilities: it is always changing.

Members have received training from all major Melbourne Arts institutions; Melbourne University – Faculty of the VCA and Music Southbank and Parkville Campus’, Monash University, the Australian National Academy of Music, Ballarat University and Melba Conservatorium.  The collective have had a variety of performance experiences ranging from national symphony orchestra’s through to contemporary and community music ensembles.

Because of the vibrant and changing nature of Forest, the ensemble is able to perform within various performance environments, from avant-garde settings to more free improvised environments, traditional performance/concert programs as well as performance art/exhibition/theatre performance settings.

Beginning with undeveloped materials, the Forest is created:

Without referencing anything from the past or present, creating something new with each sound or stroke


By referencing everything we have ever heard, seen or felt and exploring that in a single note, line or movement.


All of the above

The forest exists on its own

Without rules or boundaries restricting the Collective, a unique and experimental environment is created.

The forest defies classification

Megan Clune and Evan Lawson, 2009